Apply for Healthcare Financing for Your Medical Practice 

If you own any type of medical practice, you understand the need for proper financing to grow your business sustainably. MAI Capital offers healthcare financing that serves as working capital and allows you to accomplish your business goals. 

Which Businesses Benefit from a Healthcare Loan? 

Any type of medical practice qualifies for a health care loan, including chiropractors and veterinarians. We offer full financing of up to $250,000 to qualifying borrowers, and we do not require upfront payments. Our loans have terms of up to 72 months, so you have plenty of time to enrich your practice before you must pay back the money. We also allow you to preserve your personal credit score by not reporting your loan application to credit bureaus. 

How Can You Use a Healthcare Loan? 

You may use the financing you receive in many ways to fit your practice. Our healthcare loans provide the capital you need to:

• Acquire another practice 

• Buy medical supplies and equipment 

• Consolidate debt 

Contact Us Today 

If you want to secure healthcare financing to grow your medical practice, MAI Capital is ready to help with a customized loan. Contact us today to discuss your options and see if you qualify.