Get the Equipment Your Business Needs

Every business needs equipment to function, no matter how big or small. Equipment can be anything from software and computers to bulldozers and large-scale machines.

Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the working capital necessary to purchase the equipment outright. That’s where MAI Capital comes in. We have equipment financing and leasing options for businesses of any size and experience level.

Our programs can offer anywhere up to $150,000 or $500,000, depending on your business needs and application process. Also, established companies can receive loan terms of up to 84 months with excellent rates.

Reviewing Our Equipment Leasing and Financing Programs

We have programs for many business types, including startups or municipal facilities. Our startup program is perfect for companies with less than two years of operation.

The government and municipal options include leasing programs with guaranteed approval for specific entities. The qualifying establishments include:

  • Police departments
  • Firehouses
  • Government agencies (federal and state)
  • Public schools
  • Libraries

If you have newer equipment and need working capital for the business, consider our sale and leaseback program. We will purchase existing equipment and lease it to you for a specific period. When repayment is complete, ownership is transferred back to the business.

Finally, don’t let less-than-perfect credit stop you from applying for the financing your need. Our B, C, and D credit programs offer financing to businesses with lower credit ratings.

Benefits of Leasing Over Financing

Financing is a suitable option for many businesses, but leasing has many benefits, especially when it comes to increasing cash flows. Some of the many benefits of equipment leasing include:

  • Low, fixed monthly payments
  • Preservation of existing lines of credit
  • Accounting and tax benefits
  • Elimination of equipment obsolescence

Contact Our Team

Is your company ready for new equipment, or are you looking to make existing equipment work for you? Contact a MAI Capital representative to learn how our equipment financing or leasing programs can work for you.